Hello and welcome to my website.

I've been a photographer and occasional journalist for more than 40 years and during that time my work has appeared in many magazines and websites covering waterways, wildlife and many other subjects. As well as blogging for a number of commercial clients I also publish a blog on this site with info on current or recent work.

I am a regular contributor to TowPath Talk and I'm also the wildlife specialist on the Ramblers Association's website, this is in addition to supplying speculative and commissioned to a wide range of publishing clients.

A growing number of my stock images are available on this site or via my agent Alamy.

The content, and especially the images on this website, are copyright but are available for either publication or as prints subject to payment of the required fee. Full details are available by clicking on the 'buy' option with each image.  

For the record, I use only Nikon camera and lens equipment and have done throughout my photography career. Bags, tripods and monopods from Manfrotto and Apple computer, laptop and tablet running Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

This is a Photodeck website hosted on Amazon AWS/S3 cloud.



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Pleased to be working with Country Innovation.

Suppliers of specialist bird/wildlife clothing and footwear.


I use and recommend Swarovski optics for wildlife watching

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I work with Vine House Farm who supply all of the bird food I use.


Phil Pickin is a member of the NUJ and RPS and has been published both in print and online in the UK and worldwide. Specialising mainly in waterways subjects. All images within this website are subject to copyright and cannot be used without a licence.